Daylight French

The Daylight French School is an online training in the French Language and Culture for Beginners, Intermediate learners and Advanced learners.


Start from the basics as you learn how to read, write and speak the French Language, irrespective of age, background or location. Suitable for Kiddies and Beginners.

Duration: 6 Weeks
Fees: N15,000 or $20


Gain more confidence by attaining a good level of proficiency in the use of the French Language. Suitable for Migrants and Seekers of French Certification (DELF A1, A2, B1)

Duration: 10 Weeks
Fees: N30,000 or $40


Gain mastery of the French Language as you obtain skills that allows you to work in the French Language. Suitable for Job Seekers and Seekers of Advanced Certification

Duration: 12 Weeks
Fees: N60,000
or $80

My name is Olayinka and I am your instructor.

Our Services

What we offer

All learners start with the Beginners class although there are rapid sessions for more advanced learners on demand. The training is exclusively online for now. Anyone (children, teens, adult etc) can learn!

Weekly Instructions

We provide rich and easy to understand weekly instructions in form prerecorded videos and live Zoom sessions.

Weekly Assignments

We provide weekly hands-on activities that aid student’s understanding of the instructions

Learning Tools

We expose students to useful learning tools ie. text materials, videos clips and mobile apps that boost the learning process.

Parler Sessions

We engage students with discussions that are interactive to aid the student’s speaking capabilities.

We also help students prepare for International Certification Examinations in the French Language e.g DELF, DALF etc.

Certificate of Participation

We issue a Certificate of Participation after a successful completion of the Online Programme.


Our Clients Said

    Funmmilola Mustapha
    Funmmilola Mustapha

    DFS Alumni

    Daylight french school is the absolute best. I enjoyed every bit of my online training with them. The facilitator (Yinka) was very patient with me . She encouraged me to speak French and provided me with materials required to ensure my success in the A1 Delf Exam. Training with daylight French school is money guaranteed. I can confidently say the school is the best plug for French learning-